1% of all adults stutter to some degree. Although it's a challenge to live with,armed with the right guidance,support,
 excercises and positive attitude and  it can be controlled and even overcome


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Great animation to explain stuttering

Frequently Asked Questions about my stutter


1. When did you start to stutter ?
I can't exactly remember but I remember my Mom started sending me to a speech therapist around the age of 5. About 5 percent of children stutter while they are developing their speech, but only 1% carry it into adulthood.

2. Can't you take some medicine or see a doctor?
I wish I could. Unfortunately no medicine exists that can cure stuttering. You can take something to make you relax a little, and some other medicines can control certain chemical releases in your brain to make you stutter less, but it has side effects and very expensive. I'm not interested.

3. Does it hurt?
It does hurt a little while happening, I experience tension in my jaw, neck and shoulders. If I stutter alot during the day and have hard blocks I will feel tired in the evening. Sometimes my tongue also hurts.

4. Why do you sometimes speak perfectly fluent, and sometimes you really struggle ?
I know it is very confusing. It is because stuttering does not have a single cause. Your physical state, emotions, thoughs, self confidence, concentration, stress, perception of listener, situation and amount of preparation all affects the frequency and intensity of stuttering. Some days are bad, some days are good.

5. You taught English for 5 years....how ??
While teaching I am relatively fluent. Again many factors contribute to me (and other people who stutter  - PWS) being able to do this. While teaching you have authority over everything, that increases your confidence and perception. Most PWS stutter less when talking to children or pets due to this fact. While I'm teaching I really focus to speak slowly, deliberately and only a few words at a time.I prepare and I focus on articulation and projection. These are basic methods I learned in speech therapy and the Mcguire Program to control stuttering. I also enjoy teaching, and that plays a big role in keeping myself relaxed and positive. I have stumbled in class a few times, and children have laughed at me. I then laughed with them and explained that they have a special teacher.

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Tell them, and you will talk better.        disclosure

overcome fear, control your stammer.  

Disclose reality
Over the years I have learned and applied a very effective technique to help me reduce subconscious stress that may cause me to block and battle severely. It's a technique I first heard about during my speech therapy sessions at University. I later met it again when I got involved with the McGuire Program, a program for people who stammer run by people who stammer. It's called “making a disclosure”. Basically it means telling people up front, before you start the conversation, that you have a stammer and it will most likely surface.

Benefits to both parties
A disclosure prepares your listener. Most people are unsure how to handle your stammer, or may be surprised and confused when they hear it for the first time. It also helps you to release some anxiety trying to cover up your deep dark secret. It shows your listener that you are aware of it and that you accept it. If you can accept it, they will accept it easier.

Develop a comfortable method
There may be different situations where you can decide to use it. Personally I use it every time when making a call that involves giving important, unavoidable information. For example calling the bank, a credit card company, a hotel or a flight ticket service center. It goes like this : “Before we start I want to tell you I have a little speaking challenge, so when I'm talking I will talk slow and may need time to complete my sentences, I need you to be patient, do you understand?
Thank you for your patience

All the telephone operators I have ever made this disclosure to treated me with the respect I deserve. They will not hang up on you, will not rush you, and you will feel comfortable speaking slow and repeating information if necessary. If I block on a word I tell them “Just let me take a deep breath and I'll try again” I can then apply techniques to overcome the block.

Tell your teacher.
Through school I told most new teachers about my situation. Recently I enrolled in a Mandarin Chinese Course where talking is obviously the most important aspect. I made a presentation about “Stammering in Movies” and used that to introduce my classmates and teacher to this complicated phenomenon. I explained how I handle it, and gave them suggestions on how to help me. During the rest of the semester I could stutter comfortable on bad days and celebrate fluency on good days with great support, respect and understanding from my classmates and teacher.

Awkward, difficult and embarrassing?
Yes, it may feel awkward, difficult and embarrassing. But will stuttering out of control feel any better?
You probably know the answer so try “disclosing” a few times and discover the results for yourself.
Prepare well, do it with confidence, and reward yourself afterwards for being so courageous.

I wrote this poem when I was 16, probably the time in my life where my stuttering affected me the most

My life is like a fish
- a poem about stuttering


my life is like a fish
swimming against the stream
it's allright now
no, it's only a dream

every day it hurts me
every day it grows
every time I speak
the monster face shows

my friends, they understand me
they chase the monster back
but when a stranger comes
my hope and courage lack

my opposites don't like me
they are afraid of him
so everyday I wake up
my upstream life begins

video watch the youtube video

Stutterer's prayerpray

Prayer of a stutterer on the road to victory

O Lord my God I thank you for al my amazing gifts
Lord I thank you that you love me so much that you challenge me to be a better man
Lord, I stand humble before You and ask that You will keep my mind open and clear,
Remind me that You gave me the gift to express myself fully
and that you made everyone special, You are constantly forming us in your special way

I want to keep focused on my goal because
it is my responsibility to reach my full potential and to maintain it, for You
I can achieve this when You lead me to practice healthy breathing,
speaking and thinking habits.
Lord I thank You for guiding me to the knowledge
and into experiences with people that helped me to understand these habits.
You give me power to overcome false fears,
help me not to give into temptations of avoidence.
Lord let me realise that avoidences lead me away from my true self and away from You.
Prevent me from weakening myself with blind behaviour
I am Your jewel, punish me when I damage your property

Lord strenghten my heart and mind to forgive other people's reactions
remind me that they are only people, use me to inspire them
Lord give me confidence in challenging situations,
remind me that everything I need I already have
Lord thank You for letting me get up everytime I fall
Fill me with fear to realise that if I don't change I'll be the same for ever.
but let me not forget the changes I have already made, and that I should be proud
Lord release me from laziness, if I'm lazy I'll fall down again and again

When I speak I want to look at other people,
keep my chin up, relax my shoulders, strengthen my posture
Let me appreciate every second and use it wisely
relieve time pressure, I want to smile,
remind me of my responsibility to comfort other with my elegant voice.
Drive away my shyness Lord, You know I will overcome if I expose,
keep my voice sincere and close to my heart, close to You
Lord you give me power and wisdom to repeat the inadequate and to improve
You let me learn this to be the best I can be, for You.

When the fear and anxiety overwhelms me Lord,
where others only see silence but I am battling
Drive me with Your warm breath and I will conquer.
Lord let me persist throught comfortable and difficult times.
You are time Lord, You bless those who persist through time.
You will not give me something that I don't have the strength to overcome.
I want to conquer Lord, for You!
Let me endure to release myself from guilt and anxiety towards my loved ones.
Thank you for the loved ones that support me.
Lead me to use them, because they are there for me.

Lord let me work to rid myself of bitterness,
let me always strive te be the best I can,
even if it is not like those around me.
If it is your will Lord..because only through your Spirit can I relax, can I be empowered,
 can I breathe, can I speak.


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