Learn some basic Afrikaans words and phrases. Afrikaans is spoken in South Africa and Namibia. It's easy to learn!

I care : Afrikaans Lesson 3



Learn to care about somebody and understand...or not!

Ek gee om. I care.
Sy is mooi.
She is pretty.
Sy is lelik.  She is ugly.
Ek sien jou.
I see you.

Ek gee nie om nie.
I don't care.
Ek wil water drink. I want to drink water.
Ek wil vleis eet. I want to eat meat.
Ek hoor jou.
I hear you.
Ek hou van dit.
I like it.
Hy is aantreklik.
He is handsome.
Ek wil 'n piesang he.
I want a banana.
Ek verstaan jou.
I understand you.

Ek hou nie van dit nie.
I don't like it.
Hy het nie maniere nie.
He doesn't have manners.
Ek wil nie tee hê nie.
I don't want tea.
Ek verstaan jou nie.
I don't understand you.

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