Learn some basic Afrikaans words and phrases. Afrikaans is spoken in South Africa and Namibia. It's easy to learn!

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Lesson 18:

African Safari

South Africa has some amazing wildlife, learn some animal names.

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 Wat se geluid is dit? What sound is that?
Dit is die visarend se roep. That is the fisheagle's cry.

Is dit 'n aap of 'n bobbejaan? Is that a monkey or a baboon?
Dit is 'n bobbejaan. It is a baboon.

Daar is drie renosters voor ons. There are three rhinos in front of us.
Ons moet versigtig wees, hulle lyk aggressief. We should be careful, they look aggressive.

Die olifant is die grootste landdier. The elephant is the biggest land animal.
Olifante se tande is baie kosbaar. Elephant tusks are very valuable.

Wat is daar voor in die pad? Is dit 'n leeu? What is that ahead in the road? Is it a lion?
Nee, dit is 'n luiperd! No! It is a leopard!

Kyk die apie se lang stert! Look at the monkey's long tail!

Hierdie voŽl se neus lyk soos 'n horing,
dit is 'n neushoring voŽl.
This bird's bill looks like a horn,
it is a hornbill.

Die seekoei lyk baie rustig,
maar dit is baie gevaarlik.
The hippo looks very peaceful,
but it is very dangerous.

Ons gaan vanaand hier slaap. We are going to sleep here tonight.

Is sebras wit met swart strepe
of swart met wit strepe?
Are zebras white with black stripes
or black with white stripes?

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