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afrikaans rabbit

Afrikaans Lesson 12

The rabbit hunter

afrikaans hunter

afrikaans dog

A cute little poem about a hunter and his dogs..

The Rabbit Hunter MP3

English meaning
die jagter
the hunter
Piet van Gase
Piet (First name) van Gase (Last name)
het soms
did sometimes
tot sy verdriet
to his dismay / grief
pleks van
instead of
vette hase
fat rabbits
sy honde
his dogs
raak geskiet
raak (hit the target) geskiet (shot) >>  skiet (shoot)  
toe het
so then
uncle (respectfully addressing an older man)
Koos van Tonder
Koos (first name) van Tonder (last name)
goeie raad
good advice
in blew  (gave him)
hy mik
he aims
op sy honde
on his dogs
en tref
and hits
dan soms
then sometimes
'n haas
a rabbit

afrikaans uncle

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