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Afrikaans Lesson 11

doubt Afrikaans

lie afrikaans


When you suspect that somebody is not telling the truth...

ongelooflik unbelievable
agge nee man oh no man!
wat maak jy? what are you doing?
ek maak 'n grappie I'm joking (I'm making a joke)

ek glo jou nie I don't believe you
jy jok vir my you are lying to me
ek kan dit nie glo nie I can't believe it
hoekom glo jy my nie? why don't you believe me?

ek het vergeet I forgot
kan jy onthou? can you remember?
ek het jou naam vergeet I forgot your name
onthou asseblief,
moeinie vergeet nie
please remember,
don't forget

luister na my listen to me
kyk na my look at me
waarna luister jy? what are you listening to?
waarna kyk jy? what are you looking at/ watching?

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