Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Lone Ranger...

I find myself ( why do I keep saying that? Do I constantly lose myself? ) Let's try another aproach. Crt+Alt+Del = Swish

YOU will find me all alone on the farm of a English family. They have left for a holiday to the south of France and will only be returning, or so is told, on the eve of the 14th of October. To think that only 5 months ago I still had a routine lifestyle, a nice car, a comfy commune of friends, going to work, developing a USB Host Controller Interface using a 8051 Microcontroller and a .......ZZZzzzz. Wake up! and doing my thing. Now I am far away from everyone and everthing I know, having travelled thousands of miles by plane, train, foot, bicycle, car and even boat, I am doing work that is regarded as the job that the uneducated in SA would do and being paid more than my ex- highly educated job in designing. All because I made a decision, got enough motivation internally and externally(thanks pa and boet!) to do it and followed through. While that though is being processed you will argue, JA, but the living costs is so much higher! Tis true and fair ......but I have no living costs! Haha! And from a culture patriot point of veiw, I am looking after the Life belongings and all that they hold dear of a English family that have only known me for 4 weeks. Escaping SA to maybe get away from the different colours and now doing a job that they would do for the grandchildren of the Rooinekke that got us into that situation in the first place.....If that is not the definition of Irony than I am totally confused to the meaning of that word. 

Coming back to a different dimension, all is well. Throught the drips and drabs of civilization that I experience over the weekends I have made my contacts number up to 4000. I am slowly gathering my plans for my next trip to the netherlands and maybe a contiki tour. My speech, I would say, is lacking the strenght that is given by common practical excercise and the right motivation for that exercise. But because I have recorded evidence on video and audio,many written pages, several eye witness accounts, testimonials and several mind etching experiences, contact details of several other individuals that are going throught the same thing worldwide and have reached where I am heading, the arguments and even debate going on in my mind and maybe even some of the people reading this right now of " can that state of eloquence be achieved again and eventually maintained" will without any doubt be proven true. Yes, pointing to the evidence there are no loop holes,and you can let go of those silly doubts and relax. Repeat what you have done to achieve that, emulate the success patterns of those whom you admire, and keep adjusting, modifying and working on your own patterns for the optimum results. And if everthing is not 100% everytime, and contridictory  to that somtimes 150% without any effort. That is life, live it. This would be the ramblings of my chatterbox, that little voice inside my head that keep my company all throught those "lonely" days. This is one of those blogs I would end of saying: Welcome to my mind.   

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Last weekend of freedom...

Don't worry fair friends of mine. Deep, deep in my heart I will always be a boertjie, and it is quite impossible to teach a lion not to eat meat is it? When in the correct habitat the primal instincts will surely be awaken and he will pounch on a unsuspecting piece of beef fillet, growlllll! Anyhow, all is well. Nothing too much exciting has happend on the farm this week, the days are getting shorter, and some rain, but same old routines. I did witness the acupuncture treatment of a horse which was mind-blowing.8 needles and  the horse allmost fell asleep! Also my vegetarian cooking skills are improving, made a hottish veggie curry this week. The family will be going away for 3 weeks this week so I will be fully and solely responsible for the farm. Speech with the family is not top-notch, so I'm going to work on that. Otherwise......... time is on my side. Another 5 weeks of working and the I will be travelling once more!   

Sunday 24th. I made use of the sparkling sunshine day and cycled to Oxford City which took me 1h45mins. Will spend some time here exploring and make some contacts. I also finally managed to upload some photo's, so have a peek at the Oxfordshire album and meet my friends.   

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Old MacHeiner had a farm....eja,eja,eja Ho!

As predicted and hopefully concluded I could indeed convince the farm owners that I have what I takes and I am tough enough to work on a english farm.  The farm is located in a lovely little village called 'Stanford in the Vale'. It lies in what is reffered to as the "valley of the white horse". The white horse is a ground art of white chalk that is said to be 3000 years old, the full drawing can only be seen from the sky and close by is a small hill with a flat top. I keep hearing the X-files tune in the back of my head when I think of that.... Anyhow, my job is a live-in job and I have my own little comfy room on the 3rd floor of a very old house. The family is totally vegetarian and only use organic products. Thus I have not had a piece of dead animal flesh in the last 2 weeks. And to be honest, I've had no cravings for it either. My duties include everything and anything. In the mornings I get up at 7, work down a bowl of meusli with soya milk and honey to then start my day. Take the dog for a walk, feed the pigs, feed the chicken, feed the ponies,sweep the stables, pick hoves , etc. After the animals are smiling, snorting, clucking and happy I clean up the kitchen and a certain part of the house or office. Sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing, washing etc. Then I do some office work for the on-site alternitive vet practice with includes filing and making photocopies. I then may do some garden work that is weeding, spitting, harvesting, picking or whatever. Then I also have to entertain and look after their 9-year old daughter at certain times. This includeds playing games, sports or just plain talking. In the late evenings I do the animals again and then water whatever plants look as if they need it. And in the evenings I make dinner! Something I enjoy doing as it is a great challenge. The family is very easy going and not full of nonsense, they have so far enjoyed every meal I have prepared or if not, are extremly good actors in that respect. We have even had a veggie BBQ (braai) with soya patties! I have commited to work there until the end of october. They will be leaving for holiday in 2 weeks time for 3 weeks so then the farm will be totally my responsibility as I will be working on weekends also.I will unfortunately  not be able to update this site as much.   

This definately a big change in my lifestyle of the last 4 months.For the 1st time in a long time I have actually settled somewhere and have acquired a routine to live by. I love the country atmosphere and reminds me of home on the farm all the time. I spend my evenings reading and just relaxing my mind and body as it is realy a hard days work.This weekend I am in London and am going to spoil myself with a show of some sorts, hook up with some friends over a pint, and of course, communicate to the public :)      

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

My bus goes at four...

First things first, Thanks for that comment Donne! Now wonder I can't find my spiderman pajamas, that blerrie chuck has nicked them! Excitement had be drawn in as I have found myself a job. My bus leaves at 4 o'clock and it will transport me to oxford. I am going to engage in physical activity by working on a farm there for a vet family. Accomodation and 3 meals a day will be provided and I assume my weekends will be free. When in a few days I have releaved them of their doubts whether I will be able to do all the chores required and cope with the work we will probably confirm for how long this position will be available. I found this job as an add on a website and then phoned the person. After a telephonic interview (that was lekker challenging) that told me that they would phone me back and I received their call on friday, asking me to arrive today. I plan to work there for 1-3 months before I pack my bag to go travelling again. I have bought myself some reading material in phychology to absorb after hours which I am sure will assist me to travel further on my road to recovery. It is important to attain a holistic approach to recovery from a stammer and that is why I did this. Thank you for all the support from my family and friends to whom I've recently spoken. There is no internet access on the farm so I will only be able to update this blog on weekends. Looking forward to upload some photo's to confirm to you my new home. 

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