Practice your Afrikaans by watching these videos from a popular local TV show . The presenters speak very clearly and
there are English subtitles. By watching videos like these over and over you will find you understand more and more each time
and you'll quickly be able to understand Afrikaans without the need for subtitles.


See how a metal toy maker goes through the process of creating durable, safe and fun toys. The  toy maker's accent is  very typical for his generation and soothing to listen to.

Someone has a passion for carnivorous pet plants.

Learn about exotic bird farming and all its colourful splender.

Have some adventure on quadbikes in Mpumalanga ( a province in South Africa). Also listen to the unique accent and grammar adjustments that some black people have developed.


Go out on a limb an learn to harvest, cook and eat
               Sea Urchins!

If you a learning Afrikaans and you don't know what "braai" means..whatch this video! NOW!

Easy and healthy lunchbox ideas for children and adults alike.
Learn some great cooking and food terms.

DIY homemade toys that will keep young hands and minds busy for a while.

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