Rene van Zyl , Afrikaans singer

Practice your Afrikaans by listening to this upbeat lovesong.

René van Zyl is a beautiful Afrikaans singer with amazing talent.

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She was kind enough to share the lyrics and translations, thanks René !

Jy kan lank vat voor jy antwoord - you can take your time to answer

Maar ek moet net weet – But I have to know

Hoe voel dit om verlief te wees – How it feels to be in love

Het jy ook vergeet – Have you also forgotten

Sit en staar jy sonder rede – Do you sit and stare without reason

Droom jy elke dag – Do you dream every day

En klop jou hart net soos n trein – And does your heart beat like a train

As jy te lank vir my moet wag – If you have to wait to long for me

Ek en jy draai hier in die ronte en dit voel vir my – you and I spin around and it feels to me

Iewers in my hart sal ek n plek moet kry – somewhere in my heart I’ll need to find a place

Daar’s baie nuwe dinge wat hier bou in my – there are new feeling building inside of me

Hoekom voel dit anders – why does it feel different

As jy aan my raak – if you touch me

Niks op hierdie aarde kan my sagter maak – nothing on earth can make my softer

Skielik voel jou soene of dit beter smaak – suddenly your kisses feel as if they taste better

Het ek dalk oor nag op jou verlief geraak - have I fallen in love with you over night

Hoekom voel ek anders oor jou – why do I feel different about you

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