Learn some basic Afrikaans words. Here are word lists with Afrikaans to English translations
Topic English Word
Afrikaans Word

Prepositions on bo op

under onder

at by

behind agter

in front voor

next to langsaan

left side linkerkant

right side regterkant

outside buitekant

inside binnekant

from van

towards na

Occupations teacher onderwyser

student student

nurse verpleegster

doctor dokter

dentist tandarts

policeman polisieman

thief skelm

president president

waiter kelner

engineer ingenieur

Transportation car kar

bus bus

train trein

taxi taxi

motorcycle motorfiets

airplane vliegtuig

bicycle fiets

Body Parts head kop

mouth mond

body liggaam


ears ore

nose neus

tummy maag

bum boude

arm arm

hand hand

finger vinger

foot voet

toe toon

skin vel

hair hare

teeth tande

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