Learn some Afrikaans words and phrases. Afrikaans is spoken in South Africa and Namibia. It's easy to learn!
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Lesson 1: Basic Phrases

Here you can learn these very basic Afrikaans phrases .


good night learn a little fun afrikaans what is this? ear
a delicious meal (a nice plate of food) please please to meet you ears
a nice cup of coffee thanks a lot see you tomorrow leg / bone
what will we eat? I like you goodbye
legs / bones
sweet dreams I am thirsty did you sleep well? eye
it's nice teaching you I am hungry did you sleep well? (older man) eyes
I see a mouse! I am sorry did you sleep well? (older woman) hand
you are crazy! I am tired can you teach me? (older woman) muscle
I can speak Afrikaans I am full can you teach me? hands
I can speak a little Afrikaans I want to eat I want to learn heart
nose I don't want, thank you I like my work lips
trousers good afternoon you are learning fast! mouth
sleep well good morning he is learning slowly foot
just a little good evening I see a lion!
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Question Words :  Lesson 2

Learn some basic questions in Afrikaans.
How are you?
What is your name?
Why are you so sad?
I'm fine thanks.
Where are we going?
Who is this?
How much money do you have?
Why are you so happy?
Where is the bathroom?
Who is your friend?
What does it cost? / How much?
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I care :  Lesson 3

I care.
I don't care.
I like it.
I don't like it.
She is pretty.
I want to drink water. He is handsome.
He doesn't have manners.
She is ugly. I want to eat meat.
I want a banana.
I don't want tea.
I see you.
I hear you.
I understand you.
I don't understand you.
videoWatch the video ! I care : Afrikaans Lesson 3

Days & Weekends :  Lesson 4

Today is Monday
Where are you?
Tomorrow is Tuesday
Where were you yesterday?
Yesterday was Sunday
Where are you going tomorrow?
Weekends are nice!
How was your weekend?
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Big & small animals :  Lesson 5

It's not my fault! I want a cookie. Whose fault is it? It is your fault.
Don't eat the rock!
The lion is angry.
I like coffee!
It is my fault.
I want sugar in my coffee please.
The elephant is big.
Pick up the rock
Throw the rock.
I want milk in my coffee please.
The crocodile is long
The ant is small.
Catch the rock.
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Woo that girl :  Lesson 6

sweetheart beyond loves me so
I want
mountains smootch
my girlfriend pretty
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Hiding Lion :  Lesson 7

Who is behind me?
What did you buy yesterday?
Where are you hiding?
I bought bananas and meat.
Why are you lying down in front of me?
Why did you buy that?
How do I get there?
Meat for my lion and bananas for my elephant.
Do you like mountain climbing?
Where were you on Monday?
No, it makes me tired.
I did not see you.
Do you like swimming?
I was very busy.
Yes! It is fun to swim.
Me and my girlfriend went to drink coffee.
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Having a BBQ - Lesson 8

Do you like to BBQ?
Throw salt on - direct translation
Everybody likes to BBQ
Don't throw pepper on.
Come, let's BBQ.
The meat is burning.
I am the BBQ king.
The fire is dead.
The meat ir raw.
When do we eat?
The meat is done.
The food is ready!
Die corn is ready.
We can eat.
Eat a delicious (cob of corn)
Hmm...BBQ is delicious!
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Cute Baby - Lesson 9

shout at them
 ( little ) baby
watch out
the baby is cute
watch ( out for ) your legs
the baby is smart
you shouldn't become too brave
the baby can stand
what are you doing?
the baby can sit
you are funny
the baby is falling over
she is not scared
the baby learns fast
she is laughing
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Planning the weekend - Lesson 10

This is a sms/text style conversation about planning a weekend, inviting people over, making arrangements etc.

videoWatch the video !  Afrikaans SMS 1 | Plan ahead

Unbelievable! - Lesson 11

When you suspect that somebody is not telling the truth...
what are you doing? unbelievable
I'm joking (I'm making a joke) oh no man!
I can't believe it I don't believe you
why don't you believe me? you are lying to me
I forgot your name I forgot
please remember, don't forget can you remember?
what are you listening to? listen to me
what are you looking at/ watching? look at me
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The Rabbit hunter - Lesson 12

A cute little Afrikaans poem about a Rabbit hunter...
The Hunter
shoot / shot
so then
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Numbers and Counting! - Lesson 13

How to count in Afrikaans.
one - ten
eleven - nineteen
twenty - thirty
thousands other dubble digits
ten thousands
hundred thousands
one million
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The Best Sheep - Lesson 14

A cute little Afrikaans toast on friendship..

always be

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Christmas - Lesson 15

Afrikaans phrases useful during Christmas time.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year Where is my gift? Do you believe in Santa?
What are your plans for Christmas ? When can we open the gifts? I always spend Christmas with my family.
We usually go to church on Christmas eve. 5 4 3 2 1 Happy New Year! Your Christmas tree is beautiful.
I hope you have a lovely Christmas.

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Compliment a man - Lesson 16

How to compliment that special man in your life in Afrikaans...

I am sure you can do it You are so strong You are my hero.
You are so funny I feel safe in your arms Is there anything that you can't do?
You are so wise. Thank you for being you, and being with me. You can drive very well.
I respect your decision. You are a wonderful man. You are so romantic.
You look good in that color. I find you very attractive All my friends like you.
You are a real gentleman. I am very proud of you. What would I do without you?
You make me laugh. I know I can count on you.
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Yawn Etiquette - Lesson 17

An Afrikaans nursery rhyme to teach manners when you yawn.

hand hold your
monkey to the
in front of  you mouth
chicken yawn
dog says the

videoWatch the video ! Yawn Etiquette : Afrikaans Lesson 17

African Safari - Lesson 18

South Africa has amazing wildlife, learn the names of some of the animals

What sound is that? That is the fisheagle's cry.
Is that a monkey or a baboon? It is a baboon.
There are three rhinos in front of us. We should be careful, they look aggressive.
The elephant is the biggest land animal. Elephant tusks are very valuable.
What is that ahead in the road? Is it a lion? No! It is a leopard!
This bird's bill looks like a horn, it is a hornbill. Look at the monkey's long tail!
The hippo looks very peaceful, but it is very dangerous. We are going to sleep here tonight.
Are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes?

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Because - Lesson 19

There is a reason for everything, learn to say 'because" in Afrikaans
I drink because I am thirsty. She is angry because he lied.
He eats because he is hungry. You should eat your vegetables because it is healthy.
She sleeps because she is tired. She should go home because it is late.
I am happy because it is weekend. I should work because I need the money.
He is sad because his dog died. I am learning Afrikaans because it is fun to learn!

videoWatch the video ! Because: Afrikaans Lesson 19

Family - Lesson 20

Talking about your family in Afrikaans

My husband, wife, children
How old are they?
I would like to introduce you to my wife.
My sons are twins, they are 4 years old.
I would like to introduce my husband to you.
My daughter is 7 years old.
Please to meet you! do you have any children
Where do your parents live?
We have three childrenm two sons and a daughter
They live on Johannesburg

videoWatch the video ! Family: Afrikaans Lesson 20

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